What is the best mag fed paintball gun for beginner?

Are you looking for the best mag fed paintball gun? There are various options which are bound to make you confused especially if you are a beginner. Hopefully, this article with my experience can help with that decision.

These mag fed paintball guns make the game of paintball more challenging for players. They are also not usually not recommended for beginners. But if you follow my guide and consider some factors below, you can easier determine which ones will suit you best even when you not have much experiences at the game of paintball.

#1 What are the important specification in a mag-fed paintball gun for beginner?

You should consider the weight, overall length, air system used, ability to utilize a standard hopper and also compatibility with first strike rounds or shaped paintballs.

As the newbie, you do not need the heavy mad fed guns as the weight and overall length will affect your ability to move, hide and be comfortable while playing paintball for an extended period of time.

However, lighter mag fed guns not means that better in all cases. The lighter guns can be made of poor quality materials and less durable than the heavy one.

#2 Magfed vs Dual-feed guns

Instead of the paintball guns are fed by magazines only, I recommend you to choose the dual-feed guns units. That means the guns offer mag fed as well as with the traditional loader. You essentially get the best of both worlds.

Using the Dual-feed gun will allow you to use your gun in non-mag-fed paintball games and also gives the player in two choose, the capability of switching between mag-fed for accurate shots and standard hopper for accuracy by volume.

This type of mag fed gun gives you more flexibility in how you use your paintball gun and on the change capability rapidly.

#3 How frequently are you going to play this paintball game?

Many beginners do not think about this matter before buying their mag fed gun, but it is quite important to consider. If you plan to join paintball game just as a hobby and plan on playing once or twice a year, so it is obvious that it is not necessary for you to pay a load of money on the most modern with new technology mag fed paintball gun.

On the other hand, if you’re going to play frequently, you’re better off spending a little more on your gun to get something that can meet your need for longer.

What men’s underwear material is best for hot weather?

Aside from your preferred style of underwear, the next biggest factor that affect your comfort and products durability is the material you choose. Especially in hot weather, breathable fabrics and cooling are also more important.

Different types of underwear all come in various fabrics, but what is the best for men to wear in hot weather? In order to help you enjoy the great outdoors during summer and choosing the best men’s underwear for hot weather, here are some materials of men’s underwear that you should and should not use in warm temperatures and humid condition.

#1 Cotton

Cotton is the most common material for both men and women’s underwear. It is breathable, natural fiber with a little bit of stretch to it. However, we not recommend you to use cotton underwear in the hot weather.

If you are sweating a lot, cotton tends to soak up moisture so it could become heavy and wet. So you should avoid it when you are buying underwear for exercising. Its natural absorbency does not work well for exercising but you still use it for lighter activities such as going to work or to school.

#2 Bamboo

Bamboo is another natural fiber but it seems to be more durable and more lightweight than cotton.  Bamboo is likely the best natural fabric because it’s highly-absorbent, drying quickly and soft.

As opposed to cotton, bamboo also provides natural wicking and antimicrobial properties. Due to these reason, bamboo is the ideal material for men’s underwear and for those who has sensitive skin.

#3 Modal

If cotton cannot meet your absorption needs, then you can consider modal. Modal is a fiber made from beech trees. It is soft and smooth on the skin, it even softer than cotton. It is breathable, but does not wick moisture. You can use modal underwear for both exercising and functional enough to be worn with jeans.

#4 Polyester

Polyester is the next common material. It is a synthetic material that thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is durable, strong, quick-drying, easy to wash and maintain. However, it is not the ideal material for men’s underwear in the hot weather as it does not have a high absorbent power.

#5 Silk

Silk is the luxury material as it is very expensive. It is an elegant material that is durable and will last for so long. Silk is also extremely soft, which make you feels great and smoothly on the skin.

Unfortunately, its high absorbency feature makes it not a very good choice for hot weather underwear. It is more suitable to use as winter underwear.

Best protein skimmers: Coralife Supper skimmer VS. Reef Octopus Classic

Your saltwater aquarium will not complete without a protein skimmer. The protein skimmer is the filtration equipment used for removes protein and other organic compounds.

The protein skimmer will keep the water clarity, increase dissolved oxygen inside the tank, and prevent the growth of algae. Due to these reasons, the protein skimmer is indispensable in a saltwater aquarium.

So what features do the best protein skimmer? In this post, we will get to look at two of the top protein skimmer: Coralife Supper skimmer VS. Reef Octopus Classic.

#1 Skimmer capacity

Each skimmer will be produced for the different aquarium size. Check if the skimmer can handle your tank or not before buying.

Coralife Super Skimmer comes with 3 sizes are available for 65, 125 and 220 gallons aquariums. You can choose the model that suitable for your tank size. Reef Octopus is have been known for delivering impressive filtration for the tank up to 265 gallons.

However, you are recommended to use the skimmer that has a higher capacity than the tank. That will ensure that the skimmer will finish its job in less time without strains.

#2 Skimmer Sizes

It is especially important if you do not have many planks place inside and outside your tank. You should keep in mind the size of the skimmer and how it would be mounted. It is should large enough for the filtration process but still compact enough not to take up lots of space.

Reef Octopus Classic has a small size at 12,4 x 10 inches and high at 23,2 inches tall when full setup. This is the small device that can fit in the sump and do not cut your view and work for most saltwater tanks with strong power.

Coralife supper dimensions are 4,2 x 2,5 x 20,8 inches much smaller than Reef Octopus. Moreover, it also offers two options of install, it can hang on the aquarium or used in a sump.

#3 Features

Corali supper skimmer includes the patented wheel pump with a venture, which mixes the air bubbles into the water in order to remove waste in the water.

It also allows the user can adjust the water height and foam production by the turn spinner. The bubble diffuser takes responsible for prevents micro-bubbles go into the aquarium.

Reef Octopus has a pinwheel pump system, which is to produce air bubbles within the skimmer. With this ultra-efficient pump, Reef Octopus skimmer can draw water at rates of 211 GPH.

Buying Guide: Best CLP Gun Cleaner

Here are some master tips to assist you with discovering the best CLP gun cleaner that suits your necessities.

#1 Smell

The robust, fiery, or poisonous aroma in a chemical that will demolish your day. Some smell cleaners adhere to your hands regardless of how frequently you wash them. It is smarter to search for the usually scented CLP.

#2 Cleaning agent

The best CLP is astounding for support and a touch of mellow cleaning. It isn’t acceptable on the off chance that you need to clean a weapon altogether, fundamentally, if you haven’t utilized it for quite a while. It’s ideal for getting a straightforward cleaner, as Hoppes # 9, for extraordinary cleaning.

#3 Usability

we prescribe getting the best gun CLP to shower on the glue, hard to apply. Search for non-stick fluid, not vigorous for long haul use. Numerous CLPs come in modest jugs. You may need to move it to a superior compartment to utilize it.

#4 Toxicity

Some individuals are known to become ill because of the harmful exhaust from CLPs. Regardless of whether you don’t become sick immediately, it’s still awful for your lungs. Search for CLPs made with biodegradable materials. Not exclusively will it be better for your wellbeing, yet it will likewise be better for the earth all in all.

#5 Brand

Some notable and famous brands produce the best CLP, including BreakFree, Sage, Braker, Froglube, and others. Contingent upon what you expect and your preferred brand, you will have substantial items from these celebrated producers.

#6 Price

It is an imperative factor each time we need to purchase something. It might be ideal on the off chance that you set aside the effort to modify your financial limit. From that point forward, remember that, and you shouldn’t be overpriced while picking the correct item for you.

#7 Purpose

Every item has its capacities, and you need to consider its utilization before choosing to buy a weapon. This implies you need to check your gun on the sorts, paper, and so forth. At that point, locate the privilege for the best CLP gun cleaner for your rifles.

Read more gun accessories here.

Tips For Using Dragon Bedding

Bedding is the layer that you line at the floor of your bearded dragon’s tank. Not only bring a sense of comfort for your pet when walk on, but dragon bedding also can help you maintain the humidity levels or even control the odor in the tank.

Your bearded dragon will spend almost all the time in the tank and interact with the bedding, so it should ensure perfectly safe and suits your pet. Also, you have to know the proper ways to use these bedding. This post will help you do it right and make it no longer a difficult task for you anymore.

Why your bearded dragons need bedding?

Bedding or it has known as “substrates” is the materials place in the bottom of the tank. It makes bearded dragon enclosure look more pretty natural and like the environment surrounding in the wild of bearded dragons. Furthermore, bedding also offers some other important purposes.

If you do not provide your pet the best bedding for bearded dragons, they will have to walk, lay, play and doing all their activity on the glass bottom of the tank. This does not only cause discomfort to your pets but also adverse to their feet. Bearded dragon prefers live with the bedding that mimics their natural habitat.

The bedding also has an advantage as a heat sink, which helps you regulate the temperature in the tank. Bedding can dose the same things for humidity. You can spray the water for bedding, and when the water in bedding is evaporated, the humidity levels will increase.

Proper way to using bearded dragon bedding

Bearded dragons prefer to dig and burrow. In captivity, they will do the same with their bedding. It is good for them, allow them to act and having fun. However, it also leads to the risk that your bearded dragon will eat their bedding and you have to do something to avoid this:

Should not use loose substrate for the baby bearded dragons because they more likely to eat it and the possibility of obstruction is much higher than adults.

Place the food on the food bowl or in the area where you do not have bedding to avoid bearded dragon eating the bedding.

How To Choose The Best Roofing Nailers?

For roof repair work, it is not a regular occurrence but you still need to invest in equipment to complete this job. One of them is roofing nailers.

The roofing nailers will help the roof repair work more quickly and professionally. It also ensures nails and materials bond together in the most powerful way.

Compared to the manual and time-consuming manual work, the best roofing nailers will simplify things.

However, choosing the best roofing nailer is not so simple. The first thing you should do is to consider a number of factors before making a choice.

#1 Flexibility

A roofing nailer is not an easy investment, so you should choose a product with high flexibility.

The versatility of the device makes it possible for users to work with a variety of materials. And the flexibility also shows that it can be combined with many different nails.

With a highly flexible device, you can upgrade the roof repair work or roofing to become more than ever.

#2 Comfortable

You also need to really pay attention to the comfort of the roofing nailer. Working on the roof is not simple so you need to find a device that can bring the most comfort.

The weight of the device also affects that comfort. Devices that are too heavy will make it difficult to pick up and put down the device.

You really need to find a device that fits the size and force of your hand. Comfort will help you get the job done quickly and professionally.

#3 Easy to reload

When working on the roof, you certainly do not want to have to stop your work to wait for the device to reload. Devices that take a long time to reload will slow down the progress and reduce performance.

Therefore, you should choose products that can be easily reloaded so as not to affect performance.

What To Consider When Buying A Reptile Thermostat?

One of the most important aspects when keeping reptiles is maintained the correct temperature within their vivarium. If they get too cold, they will become sluggish and may even stop eating. If they get too hot, they may overheat and dead.

Therefore, you have to often monitor and keep an eye on the temperature insider the tank. It is not simple as turn on a heat source and walks away. The temperature outside the tank will affect and change the temperature inside.

Reptiles cannot against the fluctuations in temperature very well. This is why you will need the best reptile thermostat which will help you simplifies everything and ensure your reptile well being. This post is some factor that you should know before purchase on the reptile thermostat.

Which type of heater you are using?

There is not only one type of thermostat available and some thermometer designed for compatibly with only one heater. For example, a pulse thermostat can only be used for a heater that does not emit light such as a ceramic bulb.

It is essential to consider your type of heater before buying the best reptile thermostats. However, you can purchase the superior and more expensive devices of the dimmer thermostat, which is very versatile and can be used for all sorts of heaters.

The temperature range that your reptiles require

Different types of reptiles will require a different temperature range. Besides, there are some lizard will need the baking area where its hottest spot in the tank meanwhile some are nocturnal and do not really need much heat to stay warm.

Moreover, the larger tank side also needs stronger thermostat. Therefore, you should ensure that the thermostat you are planning to buy has the temperature ranger that matches with your reptiles requirement.

Control multiple devices

There are some thermostats will allow you to control two devices at the same time. It is always better to get this multiple device thermostats because you can control two different sides in your tank.

Ensure that both the warmer side and colder side are in the proper temperature by connecting with both heating and cooling device.

What Is Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage?

Choosing the right cage for guinea pigs is absolutely one of the most important factors that keep your guinea pigs stay happy and healthy.  There are many different types of cages out there, and of them is multi level guinea pig cage.

Whether you are a new owner of guinea pigs or you are those who want to upgrade your guinea pig to a better cage with more additional features. This multi level cage may meet your needs and better suited for your pets.

 What is multi level cage for guinea pig?

Some guinea pigs cages are multi level, it is from 2 to 5 levels that are connected by wide ramps. If you are keeping excitable of guinea pig or you want to keep more guinea pigs but limited in space, multi level cage might be the ideal cage for your home. This also allows your pets can observe from a high vantage point.

The multi level cage also has the extra tall ceilings, which make more open space and add space enough for even the largest of guinea pigs.

Your guinea pigs will have more room for both play and living space without taking up more floor space. This type of cage particularly suitable for the guinea pigs that enjoy climbing on multi level platforms.

The drawback of multi level cage for guinea pig

Not every guinea pig will prefer to climb on multi level. Some of them are less agile than others. So it is a risk that your guinea pigs fall from a level that is too high and get hurt.

Make sure that your pets would like to climb and choosing the multi level cage that contains the curved safety ramp.

There are also some guinea pigs that scare of heights; you should not choose the cage with much of level for them.

Tips for choosing the best basking bulb for bearded dragons

Unlike the other pets like cats or dog, the bearded dragon needs heat and light to adjust body temperature, regulate their time in a day, and their digestion. In the natural, bearded dragon receives heat by basking under the sun.

Due to this, the best basking bulb for bearded dragon you provide them in enclosure habitat is imperative to their wellbeing. This should prepare done before you bring them home. The basking area under the bulb will be the place where your beardie spends almost the time of the day.

When it comes to making your decision, there are some features that you should consider when choosing the suitable basking bulb for bearded dragon:

The age of your dragon

The younger bearded dragons may need the best UVB bulb with a higher voltage to satisfy their heat requirement. However, you can also find a special bulb for baby bearded dragons in a marketplace

The size of your tank

If you have a small tank (less than 20 gallons), a 60watt bulb is ideal for you. The tank size from 20 to 50 gallons, you should choose a 100watt bulb. And 150watt for a big tank (more than 50 gallons).

Is there any lighting of heating were including in your tank?

If it has something such as heat tape and heat pads. You can decrease the voltage of the bulb.

Season of the year

The weather and current room temperature will deeply affect the tank temperature. In the cold winter, your bearded dragons require high voltage basking bulbs. In the hottest summer day, you may do not need the bulbs in the day time.

Besides considering those features up to here, a dimmer switch is also a plus-point that you should look for when choosing basking bulbs. This allows you to adjust the perfect temperature.

Backpack Sprayer: Get Rid Of Harmful Insects And Plant Diseases

backpack sprayers

In few years recently, more and more people are big fans of doing the garden. To have a beautiful garden, you need to make a plan to care for your garden. The devices are assistive tools that make your gardening work be easy and convenient. Among them, a backpack sprayer is a necessary item to expel weeds, harmful insects, and plant diseases.

1. How did I get rid of harmful agents in my garden?

Before I knew backpack sprayers, I used natural ways to remove harmful insects from my garden. First of all, I chose varieties of plants that are resistant to pests and diseases. Thanks to the development of science and technology, many plants with high resistance to pests and diseases have been successfully studied. Therefore, I always choose reputable and high-quality varieties for planting. Secondly, it is necessary to eliminate weeds in my garden. Killing weeds is also one of the ways to get rid of insects and prevent pests from growing without using pesticides. I used manual methods to eradicate weeds such as digging the soil and weeding by hand. However, this method took me not only a lot of time but also my efforts to do.  

2.Backpack sprayer had positive effects when I cared for my garden

After consulting my friends’ experiences about doing the garden, I decided to buy a backpack sprayer for preventing insect pests, weeds, and diseases. I found the benefits that a backpack sprayer brings when compared to a handheld sprayer. The backpack sprayer can spray in a wide area while the handheld sprayer just apply with a small area.

2.1. Saving our time and our effort to eradicate insect pests, weeds, and diseases

Nowadays, farmers and gardeners can use a backpack sprayer to spray chemicals to eliminate harmful agents. It consists of a chemical solution-holding tank, a pressure-holding chamber, a pump, a hose, and a wand having a control valve. After putting the chemical solution into the liquid-holding tank, the backpack sprayer will be worn on the shoulders. The chemical solution will be pumped from the tank to the hose and then out into the soil environment. The chemical liquid will be sprayed like dewdrops covering the crop so users do not need to move much when using a backpack sprayer. It is a useful way for you to save your time and effort to remove harmful agents from your garden.

2.2. Ensuring labor safety

When gardeners use chemicals to kill pests, a backpack sprayer keeps them safe from direct contact with chemicals. A backpack sprayer with gloves and boots are effective items to protect people if they need to apply chemical methods to cultivation. Especially for tall fruit trees and large canopy, the use of backpack sprayers is very necessary. The chemical droplets quickly adhere to plants, eradicating pests, and preventing them from growing. 

2.3. Spraying chemicals into small and narrow areas

Plants in narrow areas are difficult to take care of and eliminate harmful pests, weeds, and diseases. A backpack sprayer is compact to be worn on the shoulder and move into small areas so that it can spray the entire crop area. Actually, it is very effective to keep plants healthy from both pests and diseases.

3. Common types of backpack sprayers

There are two common types of them that are manual backpack sprayer and motorized backpack sprayer. Each type of backpack sprayer has a different capacity from 5 liters to 25 liters. Depending on the purpose and area of the crop, you need to consider to choose the best backpack sprayer. 

3.1. Manual backpack sprayer

If doing the garden is your favorite but you are not a professional gardener, a manual backpack sprayer is a great idea for you. The tank of general backpack sprayer as well as made from super-hard synthetic material or stainless steel. These materials resist not only the corrosion of chemicals from the inside but also the impact resistance from the outside. 

When using a manual backpack sprayer, the user uses the force of the arm to pump chemical solution from the holding tank to the hose. When pouring the chemical solution into the holding tank must go through the snare to remove impurities. Then screw the lid on the container tightly and pump the pressure to reach 3-5 atm or feel heavier. In the spraying process, you just open the safety valve. In addition, you need to choose the form of a continuous spray or interrupt by hand and select a hose that suits the job requirements.

3.2. Motorized backpack sprayer

The motorized backpack sprayer is a perfect choice for farmers and gardeners who look after a large crop area. Its capacity is ten times as high as that of a manual backpack sprayer. Motorized backpack sprayer brings high economic efficiency for regions with large production organizations. Farmers and gardeners are not under pressure on their hands when using this kind of backpack sprayer.

4. How to keep a backpack sprayer clean?

After each use, it is necessary to clean the backpack sprayer to keep it durable. You need to wash the chemical solution-holding tank and then wash the hose. If your device is a motorized backpack sprayer, you should avoid splashing water into the engine. Let’s keep the backpack sprayer in a dry place after washing. Cleaning the device plays an important role to extend its lifespan and protect the health of users. Also, you need to avoid strong impacts that affect the housing of the tank as well as the pump. In terms of motorized backpack sprayers, you do not immerse the holding tank in the water because water can damage the electrical system in the engine.

All things considered, it is important for you to consider carefully when choosing the best backpack sprayer. The sooner you use a type of backpack sprayer, the easier and more effective your gardening will be.


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