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How is the price of bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons are the most popular species of reptile. They make an excellent pet because they are easy to care for, docile, easy to handy, and have a long life span.

If you are considering owning a bearded dragon as a pet, the first thing you should know before buying this adorable and friendly reptile is bearded dragon price.

How much it cost to own a bearded dragon?

The cost of a bearded dragon depends on several factors such as the age (younger are cheaper), where you buy (there are differences between a pet store and private dealers), the type (standard and rare breeds will have different prices).

The age of the bearded dragon

The price of bearded dragon base on their age. The baby bearded dragon will be cheaper than a bigger, adult bearded dragon. The average cost of a young bearded dragon is around 30$-60$. And it can take you up to $100 to own a mature bearded dragon.

Where you buy the bearded dragon?

The price you will pay for your dragon can also depend on you buy it from a pet store or from a breeder. Generally, breeders will sell cheaper than buying from a pet store.

Bearded dragons can also be bought from an online store or e-commerce site. Moreover, if you limit money, you can buy a bearded dragon from someone who does not want to keep their dragon anymore at a really small price.

The type of bearded dragon

Bearded dragon comes with a much different variety of colors, breeds, sizes, etc.  If you want to own a dragon with a specific size and unusual colors, it will be expensive.

But if you simply want to keep the inland bearded dragon, it is the most common and quite cheap. About rare dragons, breeders will often have a waiting list of them, and the price can go up to $1,200 for a rare dragon.

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