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Which is the best bearded dragon plants?

Bearded dragons are easygoing animals, but you should also treat them well by providing the most natural captive environment. Therefore, decorative accessories are an indispensable tool to contribute to creating that ideal living environment.

In the natural environment, bearded dragons are intimately attached to plants, and like humans, bearded dragons cannot live without plants. Therefore, the presence of plants in captivity is absolutely necessary.

However, not all plants are safe for bearded dragons. And different types of plants have their own advantages and disadvantages.

To help you get the most out of bearded dragon plants, we’ve gathered information on the two main plants used in bearded dragon captivity.

#1 Real plants

Perhaps everyone thinks that all real trees are good for bearded dragon’s captivity. But no, real trees are good but not all are safe for bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons may eat the plants if they are curious and some plants are completely unsafe to satisfy their curiosity.

And some plants cannot survive in an arid high-temperature environment in a bearded dragon’s pen. So avoid plants that require a lot of water, instead prioritize plants that live in desert environments that require minimal care.

You should also choose plants that can withstand the bearded dragon’s effects if they climb or mischief.

Some ideal plants to consider are Jade Plant, Echeveria, Tillandsia Ionantha or Aloe Vera.

#2 Artificial plants

Artificial plants are a more popular and economical choice than real plants. Artificial plants are cheap, easy to clean and of course, do not need you to spend much effort and time to take care of it. So you can focus on taking care of your pet.

However, with some artificial plants, bearded dragons can still be curious to taste them, especially small leaf trees that are well sized for bearded dragons to easily eat them.

Some have a rather unpleasant plastic smell and that smell doesn’t go away in a short time.

You should choose artificial trees with large leaves, connectors designed to make sure bearded dragons do not destroy it easily. Also, don’t forget to choose friendly, odorless and harmless chemicals.

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