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Friends Records | Baltimore


Strange Cultures

2010 Friends Records
500 copies
140g vinyl
Custom screen printed art

Side A
1. Roomate
2. Team Wolf
4. Bourgie Nights
5. Totem
6. Raingirls (long)

Side B
7. Peer History
8. Home Alone
9. Unconventional Cardboard
10. Jerk Center
11. Psychedelic Mice
12. Poor Pisces

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After their debut album and two EPs, which they recorded and mixed with their friends, Weekends now present us with Strange Cultures. This full length record is the product of the guitar/drum duo‘s rapid growth, while getting some new hands to help out on the production front.

Strange Cultures was mixed and mastered by Rob Girardi (Beach House, Double Dagger, Celebration). Rob’s made a habit out of making unconventional sounds – and in this case, organized chaos – stand out in their own raw beauty. His vision of this album helped clean things up, while retaining the proper amount of scuzz, dirt, and drowning sonics that make up the LP. After what Rob did with Double Dagger’s More, there could not have been better hands on the mixing boards.

There are anthems, there are sing-alongs, there are scorchers, and there is even a ballad. Side A is closed out by a seven minute (vinyl-only) version of “Raingirls”, a live show standard that Adam and Brendan just kept going with during one session. Strange Cultures has been defined by a growing list of adjectives, genres, and comparisons – yet we’re not sure if anyone will ever quite pinpoint the aural elation felt while spinning this on your turntable.


Baltimore duo Weekends embrace noisy guitars and scrappy shout-sung vocals of 1990′s indie-rock. Their forthcoming record, Strange Cultures, is scheduled to come out next month on Friends Records; album closer “Raingirls” (which appears on the record in longer form as well) features energetic guitar lines that are reminiscent of Fang Island, if they took more cues from Pavement. – Larry Fitzmaurice, Pitchfork

“Weekends are probably destined to be the ‘next big thing’ out of the Wham City/Baltimore area with their self-titled debut, Weekends. Here’s to hoping that they don’t get caught up in all of the hype that may or may not come to fruition, but I am definitely expecting a good amount of exposure coming their way. The duo of Brendan Sullivan and Adam Lempel create a sonic soundscape of noise-rock with minimal vocal presence. Likely comparisons come in the form of Ponytail and No Age. Two of my favorites are below. Oh and play it loud!” – Weekly Tape Deck

“Weekends are making something I’ve been yearning for that seems in short supply. Their music is a sonicated form of optimism, refined and measured into well-sized portions ripe for enjoyment and resulting in one of the most buoyant and unapologetically rock releases I’ve put in my player since Ponytail’s Ice Cream Spiritual. They recall some of the brightest and most celebratory elements of Ponytail, but drag it through a mud pit, obfuscating their sound with heavy helpings of scuzz, fuzz, and general distortion that would make Death from Above 1979 proud. The result of this dirt-tussle: playful, mud-soaked guitar laying down airy melodies backed by clockwork drumming. The vocals are mostly left behind, only occasionally bubbling to the surface as muted, and drowning as if submerged. The warmth of Weekends’ sound is the sonic equivalent of sunshine; as the guitars get so fuzzed out to approach drone, I hear an undeniable shared inspiration with the extraordinary.” – Greg Szeto, Aural States