[FR002] Cave Painting Press Page

Sri Aurobindo
Cave Painting

2010 Friends Records
500 copies
140g colored vinyl

Side A
1. Cave Painting
3. Towards The Sun
4. My Peak Is Too High
5. Find The Door

Side B
6. My Luv Is Stoned
7. Banyan Grove
8. Don’t Know
9. Rest My Mind




Sri Aurobindo are Mike Romano, Brandon Arinoldo, Danny Chenault, and Mike Furniere. They are a garage-worthy psychedelic rock band that has been playing in and around Baltimore, Maryland for 5 years. They released their self-titled debut and Return Into Earth last year, and now present us with Cave Painting.

Cave Painting will be the second release in the Friends Records catalog, it will be the band’s debut LP on wax, and it is limited to 500 copies – the first 250 on green translucent wax and the second half on virgin black vinyl. The album was produced by Christopher Freeland (Oxes drummer) whose Beat Babies studio has hosted Wye Oak, Lower Dens, Lands & Peoples and lots more Baltimore goodness.

We’ve described them as a healthy dose of Amon Duul II and The Doors playing in a garage in Texas in the late 60s, and other fine press folks have said nice things as well.


“…these truly Pastoral Motherfuckers unleash their Fenris Wolf in one hell of a righteous manner, uniting their multiple acoustic guitars, analogue synthesizers, banjos and hand percussion with that damned flute in such a righteous manner that we are carried up in Sri Aurobindo’s skirts and delivered with haste to that same higher plane formerly inhabited by Ancients such as Kalacakra, Friendsound and the two Amon Düüls at their most Kommun Ein.” – Julian Cope Head Heritage, December ’09 Drudion

“There’s so much lo-fi funk going on in this song that is almost seems like the instrumentals must be pulled from one of those compilations of foreign funk rock tracks from the ’60s. The vocals remind me a touch of the Intelligence, but somehow are even more distorted.” – You Ain’t No Picasso

“Good lord, if you’re listening to this and there isn’t a cloud of something floating around the room, well, you’re doing it wrong. Sri Aurobindo makes a kind of psych-rock so heavily stylized and molded in the image of whatever bands the Doors were listening to, it’s almost ’60s weed-rock theater. This one’s off the band’s upcoming full-length on the new Friends Records, and it’s a catalog of wah-wah play fused to next-room-over indecipherable vocals, and that kind of bass guitar that sounds like it’s riffing behind a pillow. The vocals are a weird and almost-angry texture in the song, but the music and the lo-fi recording itself suggest a take it easy fog–in the end, feeling like a trip a little too close to going south. Suggested uses include blasting from a car stereo at a bonfire, receiving a tarot reading, and gazing at all of the colors.” Michael ByrneBaltimore City Paper

Local psych enthusiasts already know they will love this (and most any) outing from the Sris, but this release manages to provide enough edge from other influences to make them sound much more unique than a simple homage to a genre. They continue to wrangle some fantastic guitar and bass tones (probably due in no small part to studio whiz Chris Freeland), yet this go-round they have crafted their most distinctive and cohesive offering yet. A blast to listen, Cave Painting sounds ripe to give them broader appeal, something well-deserved and perhaps overdue.” – Greg Szeto Aural States